When to Use Homemade Facial Masks to Deal With Acne?

Even ancient and primitive people understood effectively how to preserve the health of their skin, to keep it glowing, smooth and young-looking. They utilize natural products such as leaves, increased petals, milk, fruits and other natural active ingredients to safeguard their skin from free radicals that accelerate the aging procedure by speeding up the rate of cellular damage. Previously, natural remedies in the form of natural facial treatments stay to be the most efficient treatment for pimples and other facial sores.

What can we obtain from homemade facial masks?

There are quite a lot if things that we can make the most of in utilizing best overnight face masks:

Affordable. Since all the components and products you require, can quickly be accessed in the house, preparing homemade facial treatments will not cost you much money and time; compared to treatments offered in professional facial cleaning hair salons.

When to Use Face Mask?

Natural. Homemade face scrub have no chemical content and are definitely safe to use. Natural active ingredients such as milk and banana can trigger no damage to your skin, just enhanced complexion and texture.

Practical. You can make homemade face scrubs at your most hassle-free time and at your own home. There’s no need to inconvenience yourself going to the hair salon, all you have to do is to prepare homemade facial masks from natural active ingredients, use to your face, wash with water; and you’re all set.

Flexible. According to your choices and specs, you can integrate natural active ingredients at your own discretion to come up with your own homemade facial masks. As long as you know the function or mode of action of each natural component, you can definitely create your own efficient facial treatment.

Furthermore, you can make homemade face masks for a living. Many individuals are presently looking for aid in eliminating acne sores from their face, and you can sell homemade facial masks and use your knowledge on natural acne treatment.

Facial masks are a preferred skin care item

You may or may not recognize with them. If you have used them, do you really know why? Maybe you simply use them because everybody else is. Maybe you’ve never troubles. It’s time you discovered what facial masks do.

It can make your skin texture appear more vibrant and more clear. You know the skin you had when you were more youthful. It can clean up your skin, hydrate it, and keep your pores clear removing contaminants from your skin.

Masks have the capability to clean deep removing dead skin cells and pollutants. When you remove these, the moisturizer you use after is soaked up much better therefore it does a lot more for your skin. It will assist to renew your skin, making it appear more vibrant.

Not all masks dry and harden however many do. That triggers your skin’s capillary to broaden which enhances the blood circulation to your skin’s surface which leaves you with a much better complexion, which leaves you radiant and entirely revitalized.

Get The Very Best Possible Acne Face Wash For Your Function

If you have been struggling with acne and are desperate to remove it, then you need to experiment with the very best acne face wash available there. These items really do work.

The Length Of Time To Leave a Face Mask On.

It is essential to follow the instructions on the package, because some masks have active components that need to just be left on the skin for a specific quantity of time (like the sulfur in Amino Mask or the kaolin clay in Corrective Clay). Typically, these masks are left on for 10-15 minutes to get the complete take advantage of active components, however it is necessary to follow the instructions. There are many masks that are much more versatile too.

Have you ever placed on a facial mask before bed, just to drop off to sleep in it? Specific masks can leave your skin sensation dry and inflamed if you leave them on too long, however over night masks can be left on however long you want– you can even drop off to sleep in them.

In your effort to eliminate acne, you would have undoubtedly come across different kinds of acne face cleans. Not all of these items may work for you. Everything depends upon the kind of skin you have and also the nature of your acne issue. Publications, books, tv, web and all other mediums perform different kinds of ads of different items associated with skin care and beauty. Their large number can quickly baffle you. The technique is to understand what you really require out of these items and finding out the best one for your function.

Quantity and Quality

You need to never take a look at amount over quality when it pertains to selecting these face cleans. The very best ones may cost you a little more money, however they may be of tremendous aid to you. You can not rule these items. A few of these high quality items will not just help you in removing acne, however also supply you with a fresh and pink layer of skin for you to look more youthful than before. These face washes work for not simply youths, even the senior ones can use them to assist cope up with acne concerns.

Not all masks are developed equivalent. Different facial masks serve different functions. A complete clean mask is excellent for oily skin or combination skin. It will draw not just contaminants however also oil to the surface and these will be removed when you clean your mask off. It will unblock your pores and remove dead skin cells, dissuading the development of blackheads. A cleaning makes will do a terrific job of tightening your pores and enhancing the texture of your skin.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Home Remedies

Most of the people get stretch marks for different reasons in different situations in their life.   Stretch marks happen when the skin changes its shape quickly because the weight gains. The stretch mark is not a sign for any health problem. Women usually get stretch marks in their puberty and pregnancy period.  They get the stretch mark appearing as the thin purple or red line on their skin which takes an unusual texture when compared to the surrounding layer of the skin. Sometimes, they may get stretch marks which fade and appear almost translucent coloring.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Home Remedies

Stretch marks during pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, you have to concentrate on how to avoid possibilities of the stretch mark at first. You can follow the best and safe home remedies to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Besides, you have to keep up-to-date with the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy and make certain about how to properly use this cream. You can spend enough time and research home remedies and products to avoid and heal stretch marks during and after pregnancy. You will clarify your doubts and use the best approach to get rid of stretch marks.

Stretch marks develop in almost every pregnancy from the sixth or seventh month. Pregnant women get stretch marks around their hip, breasts and stomach as the elastin and collagen stretch and snap after an increased pressure of the rapid weight gain. They can avoid stretch marks when such marks appear at first. If they leave the scars to fade white, then they cannot easily treat their stretch marks.

Genetics is one of the main factors behind the stretch marks problem during pregnancy period. Though there is no exact method to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can follow some home remedies and reduce the possibilities of such stretch marks.  This is advisable to focus on the following details explaining the home remedies known by their nature to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Things to do in the first trimester

Women who have ensured the positive result of their pregnancy test can start moisturizing their belly, breasts, lower back, hips and other areas where stretch marks usually develop during the pregnancy. The first-class moisturizer helps every woman to maintain the elasticity of their skin and makes the skin less likely to tear when the body begins expanding. This is advisable to buy and use the stretch mark cream for pregnancy hereafter. You can slather on this cream which provides lasting hydration. You have to do everything to prevent your skin from overstretching.

The main elements in the cream for preventing the stretch marks during the pregnancy are Vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil. Women who use the skin-nourishing oil to their warm bath in their first trimester can reduce the chances of stretch marks during pregnancy.  They must gradually gain weight devoid of putting more than what their doctor suggests. They have to check their weight on a regular basis and make certain that they gradually gain weight. Therefore, they can keep the stretch marks to a minimum when they gain 25 to 35 pounds when they have normal weight.

Stay hydrated

Women must stay hydrated during the pregnancy period. This is because drinking enough water is very helpful to keep the skin soft and hydrated. If you stay hydrated during the pregnancy, then you can prevent stretch marks. You must also avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee soon after you have decided to quit possibilities of stretch marks. This is because such beverages increase the possibilities of the development of the stretch marks. You may unable to keep away from your favourite caffeinated beverage. You can drink such beverage, but balance out the fluid intake with other caffeine-free fluids like herbal tea and water.

Follow a healthy diet

Women have to stay healthy all through the pregnancy period to enhance the overall physique and mind development of their baby. They can eat a nutrient-rich diet and prevent stretch marks. They can also use the stretch mark cream for pregnancy and throw out possibilities of the development of stretch marks.

If their diet plan lacks in the nutrition in some areas, then they are prone to the development of stretch marks. They have to prefer and consume healthy foods known by their nature to boost the skin health. Futher, they can get loads of benefits when they follow the diet plan rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc and Protein. They have to choose and include the unprocessed foods in different colors in their usual diet to get all essential nutrients. They can prefer the whole wheat toast, eggs, mixed berries and other colorful foods in every meal.

Properly treat fresh stretch marks soon after they appear

Some women are unable to entirely prevent stretch marks on their skin. Therefore, they have to enhance their efforts to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They can make use of the stretch mark cream for pregnancy based on guidelines from the dermatologist or family doctor. They have to follow the instructions to deal with the fresh stretch marks. If they gain weight too quickly and have a family history of stretch marks, then they have to prevent themselves from the development of stretch marks.

Healthcare professionals specialized in the effective methods to prevent stretch marks during the pregnancy these days recommend foods rich in zinc. This is because Zinc-rich foods like fish and nuts in the regular diet keep the skin healthy. Zinc is very helpful to enhance the skin in different aspects and reducing the inflammation. There is a relation between the incidence of stretch marks and the low level of Vitamin D.

Pregnant women have to maintain the healthy level of Vitamin D for reducing the possibilities of stretch marks. They can get this Vitamin through exposure to the Sun. Besides, they can also consume foods like cereal, bread and dairy products like yogurt to get enough Vitamin D. They require foods rich in Vitamin C responsible for the collagen development. This is because the collagen keeps the skin elastic and strong. They can consume foods rich in Vitamin C like lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits.

Home Remedies to Get Your Beard Growing

Some men have a hard time growing a beard and OI am one of them. I guess our genetics don’t want us to grow a beard fast and look like those viking guys. But, there is something you can do about it. Something that can increase facial hair on your face. Won’t make everything grow back. But, it will help your face fill in more patches and make your beard appear to almost be complete. Try a home remedy beard medicine to grow beard faster. Like putting on shampoo to make your hair smell better and grow in spots. People in current times, have came up with things guys like us who can’t grow a beard can spread on our face. There are also vitamins you can take to make beard grow faster. Read what I learned from people who use home remedies to grow beard below.

best natural oil for beard growth

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for growing a beard and trying to fill in some patches. One of the best natural oil for beard growth. First, get you coconut oil and rosemary oil. Then, mix these two together in a bottle or jar. Most of the mix needs to be coconut oil and a little needs to be rosemary oil. 9 for 10 with the coconut oil and 1 for 10 with the rosemary oil. In other words, 90% of the mix needs to be coconut oil and other percentage rosemary. Bottle would be better because its easier to keep track of and less messy.

Plus, you can attach a spray top and small squeeze hole top to it to make the coconut oil mix easy to come out. Finish the mixture and then apply it to the face. Apply it with your fingers and spread it all around. Next, you need to let it sit on your face. Wait 15 to 20 minutes with coconut oil mix on face. Allow the face to absorb the moisture into the insides of skin. Water the hairs that are tucked away in your face. Make their hairs grow on inside and then sprout out outside on face. Do this 3 times a week and see the results. All in all, results should come in soon because your using coconut oil which is considered best natural beard oil for beard growth by many individuals.

Put Lemon and Cinnamon On Face

Yes, Lemon and cinnamon can be used to make your sleep whiskers wake up. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard it. But, I started using lemon and cinnamon on my face for a weeks and beard hair grew. Now, you got to mix lemon and cinnamon together in a liquid mixture. Don’t put the whole lemon in there. You just need the juice. As for the cinnamon, you need the cinnamon in there and not the sticks. Take the minerals and put them in a bottle. Sounds simple to follow.

Next, you take the mixture and wipe it on face. Wipe it on the whole beard area of face. Hold it on face for 20 minutes. After, wipe it off your face with cold water and a clean towel. Make sure all of it is off by the way. Left over soap can cause your skin to become flaky and have spots of dry cracks. Face will look really beat up. Don’t let it get to that point. Altogether, lemon and cinnamon is a cheap mixture you can use on your face weekly. The best natural oil for beard growth that happens to be cheap.

Clean Face With Cold Water

Last, dose the face with cold water day and night. The more cold water you add to face the more its likely to grow whiskers on it. You could wash with cold water to increase your beard’s length too. Cold water is what the human body is use to receiving. Evolution, has expected us to rely on cold water in the wild. As a result, the cold water bonds the hair strands more and provokes hairs to grow in places they would not normally grow. You can really gain a high amount of hair growth and even growth by using cold water on face. Do not be a stranger to cold water if you want to grow more hair on beard.

What Makes a Good Water Dispenser?

A good water dispenser must have functions that make water cold and hot. You may want hot water in the harshness of the cold wind or cold water when mouth is dry. Employees and people who want the opportunity to change their water temperature should get a water dispenser. Not all water dispensers come with changing water temperature. Some, just keep the water at a base level.

The water dispenser you are interested in buying must also be able to purify water being poured into. There are some water dispensers that can purify water. Not all of them can, so you got to look at the description of the water dispenser you buy. Ideally, you should look for a clear water dispenser so you can see if something is causing the water to taste funny. Could be the machine causing the water to taste funny or someone putting something in the bottle. Buy a clear tank to see the water reach purity every day. More information on what makes a good water dispenser below.


Buy One That Last Long Time

Water dispensers have to be bought year to year, but there is a way to make the water dispenser last. Purchase a stainless steel water dispenser to get the most life out of your water dispenser. Stainless steel water dispensers are one of the best water cooler dispensers to buy. Factually, steel does a pretty good job keep water stuck at one temperature. Also, has the capability to not mix created material with the water. Plastic is what other water dispensers are made of. It likes to mix in the water after a few months of use.

Plastic is not the go to if you want to taste the water and thing else. Plastic also changes fast as time goes by. This can make your water taste far worse next year. Some stainless steel water dispenser use 6 sense technology that uses uncontrollable oxygen to purify water. Your water will get a purification beyond normal purification. However, that comes with a additional price. In the end, buy a stainless steel water dispenser to give you high clean water quality and lengthy use.

Do You Want Small or Big One

Water dispensers come in all shapes. Some are small and some are medium size. Figure out the one you want to have in your house, building, or office. It would be wise to have a small one for house and office. Big one for employee hall ways and lunch areas. That would be the wise thing to go with when looking for a water dispenser to fit a certain purpose. Water is very useful when your at work. Water has been scientifically proven to increase brain function and make you work better overall. You could do without the water dispenser, but if employees had water in their veins, their productivity will go up slightly. Could give you the bonus you need and make you more money so you can go on that one trip.

 2 Ways to Install Water Dispenser

Generally, there is two ways to get a water dispenser installed. One way, is to buy one that the company promises to install for you. This will save you the time of putting it together and the heavy lifting you may need to do to get it in house or office. The other way, is the old fashion I can do it my self way.

You might get a cheaper price but you will have to spend a certain amount of time trying to get it to work. Time is money in the business world. If you ask me, don’t do this unless you know someone who can get it done in a hour. It should not take a whole day to install a water dispenser. 1 to 2 hours tops should be all that is needed. In conclusion, pick of these ways and your water dispenser will be installed pretty good.

Tips to Make Beard Grow Super Fast

Beards are connected to man’s manliness in the world. They show other men and women that they can handle the harshest of tough days. They show people they are wise and know how to deal with situations that require intelligence. People assume men with beards are smart in books as well. Having a beard shows people that you know a lot about books and have an understanding that makes other people hold back in shock. They say the longer your beard grows the more you know how to do.

All these assumptions, makes it easier for why some men want to grow a beard. They use the best beard oil for beard growth and any other beard caring products. Wanting to have the assumptions it brings real bad. Have people see them in a light that gets the most respect. Personally, I could care less about my looks but it does feel good to have a beard. I know some things that can help your beard grow a little. I’m not going to stop you from achieving your beard goal. I’m going to help you along the way. View what is written below.

Take a Shower With Warm Water

Warm water helps beards grow well. Every time you go to the shower, turn the knob to the warm water direction. I know it feels a little uncomfortable to wash yourself in warm water. Especially, during the winter months. I suggest doing this in the summer. Despite, you should wash your beard in warm water to increase its hair growth. Want to know why you need to do it? Some men can not grow a beard because their skin drys out too fast. I am not talking about he outside. I am talking about the inside where the dormant hairs lay.

The part where they need water to stay in the inside skin layer so they can grow longer and eventually pop out the face surface. Some hairs will scientifically grow out on your face if you use warm water. You might not want to but warm water is not that bad. You got to change the way you look at things sometimes. I mean water is just water. It doesn’t matter if it feels good. It matters if it works at its best so you can look its best. In any event, a man who wants a better beard must sacrifice comfort and take warm showers to encourage beard growth.

Apply Beard Oil to Beard

best beard oil for beard growth

Always, use beard oils if you can afford it. Beard oils are for washing the roots of your beard. The best natural oil for beard growth adds better performance. Once your beard gets really long, it becomes hard for you to wash the beard from the roots with a little regular soap. That’s where the beard oil comes in to wash the beard oil deep in the root strands. It goes in deeper than any shampoo you use for your hair.

The beard hair is not built like hair on your head. Facial hair is very fickle and wants to do things its own way. Doesn’t like to let new chemicals in fast either and prefers to release most of the soaps coming into it. Beard oil forces the beard to accept the new cleaning guest to help the beard stay balance, soft, and healthy looking. Create a new look for you with beard oil that wants to help you get there from the deep ends of your beard.

Reduce Your Life Stress

Stress is something you got to take control of when you can. You should take control of it every day, but some days can not be helped. It makes sense to spiral out of control some days. The words or pain is just too much. But, for the most part, please keep your mind controlled man. Reduce all the thoughts that give you sadness. Yes, your not a kid anymore and you can’t finish things not work related like you use too. But, the thoughts don’t matter all the time. Just like the truth don’t matter all the time.

Sometimes, you need to not think about things because that is just as important as thinking. Try doing this for a couple months and reduce the stress you feel fay to day. Your not dead yet and you have time if you take your time. Relax and help your mind to help your beard.

How To Infuse Your Own Chamomile and Calendula Oil

Since I’ve become a mother, I’ve been researching all the DIY natural baby products that I can in order to a) save money and b) know exactly what I am putting on baby’s skin/in baby’s body/exposing baby to. One ingredient that seemed indispensable to me was infused organic oil – meaning an oil (such as jojoba or almond or rose hip oil for example) that has the medicinal or healing properties of certain herbs (such as chamomile or lavendar) infused right into it. Almost every single recipe, be it a salve for baby’s butt or even a moisturizer for your face requires some sort of oil. And baby skin is so sensitive and prone to rashes that the most common herbs used are calendula, lavendar or chamomile.

Infusing your own oil is not as hard as it sounds – it’s just a bit time-consuming is all. But if you make a huge batch of it in one go, then you’ve got yourself the base for almost all of your DIY beauty and baby products to last you for quite a few months. So today, I’m going to show you how to make your own Infused Chamomile and Calendula Jojoba Oil.

Why I chose Chamomile and Calendula:

Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) is soothing and anti-inflammatory. This herb is great for rashes and cuts, eczema and burns. You can also infuse the herbs into a tea (which I am sure we are all familiar with) for it’s soothing and relaxing properties. In addition, when taken internally, chamomile can aid colic, cramps, indigestion, fever and insomnia. It is extremely gentle, which makes it a great ingredient when using it on baby’s skin (or adult skin!)

Calendula (Calendula Officinalis), also known as Marigold, is the King Herb for the skin. It is extremely effective in healing wounds and ulcers, blisters, burns, rashes and various external irritations to the skin. This is an herb that should be a staple in any witchy medicine cabinet!


1 Glass Jar (Hermetically Sealed – I got mine from IKEA but you can get all fancy shmancy and get those Mason Jars if you wish)

Dried Calendula Flowers and Leaves (Baldwin’s or Woodland Herbs in the UK sell organic ones)

Dried Chamomile Flowers (Baldwin’s or Woodland Herbs)

1 Muslin Cloth for Filtering

1 Litre of Carrier Oil of Choice (I used organic Jojoba Oil as it’s more stable than most oils but Sweet Almond would be wonderful as well)

For the long method, which is what I did, as there’s no boiling involved and I’m lazy, just simply add handfuls of each of the dried herbs into the jar and then pour the oil over top. Because Calendula is fluffy with the flower heads, you can pretty much fill the jar to the top with this herb and then pour the oil in afterwards – it’s really up to you. Close the lid and shake it about or use a wooden spoon and stir the herbs, making sure to get all the air bubbles out and to the surface. You don’t want any of the air bubbles to remain in the oil as oxygen can turn the oil rancid, so stir away or shake away.

Place the thoroughly stirred and air bubble free oil mixture in the sun (if weather permits – I did this in the dead of winter about 2 weeks before the birth of my daughter so had to improvise…) OR you can place right by a heater/radiator for 6 weeks.

Yup – 6 weeks. I told you it was the long method.


Pour oil into a sauce pan along with the herbs.

Bring to a gentle simmer – do not allow the oil to get too hot as the herbs are fragile and this can de-stabilise the medicinal properties of the herbs. I would place the mixture in a glass bowl, then place the glass bowl over a boiling pot of water to gently heat the mixture.

Heat for about an hour, stirring ocassionally.

Cool, place in glass jar, hermetically sealed.

**This method can alter the strength of the Oil Infusion, which is why I prefer the long method – it’s much easier and guarantees you a much more potent oil infusion.

Now you have your Calendula and Chamomile Oil Infusion. Keep in a cool, dark place and use within one year. If it starts to smell rancid, do not use it. Now you have an effective, soothing and gentle oil to use for all your skin, first aid and beauty needs. More recipes to come using this amazing infusion.

All-Natural, DIY Lavendar Foaming Face Wash

I have been on a bit of a Home-Made All-Natural Cleansing Product kick as of late, particularly since in my current pregnant state, I want to expose myself and the little bun in the oven to as few chemicals as humanly possible. That includes everything I bathe and moisturize with.

A friend of mine kindly lugged over from London a couple of large bottles of Dr Bronner’s Magic Hemp Soap, Lavendar scented, which I have been reading and researching about ad nauseum as a great alternative to any type of soap. Because it’s quite concentrated, only a few drops of this magical soap is needed (often diluted in some sort of carrier such as filtered/distilled water or organic oil) to tend to all of your bathing and moisturizing needs. From shampoo to baby bum cleaner, Dr Bronner’s seems to be the panacea for safe cleansing on even the most sensitive of skin, so I am grateful that I now have a few litres of this bad boy in storage.

First on my list of Homespun Beauty was a foaming face wash. I have particularly dry and sensitive skin, so I needed something that would remove make up, be chemical-free, easy to make, foam and moisturize all at once. A pretty tall order, if I do say so myself. I scouted out a few recipes that I found on Pinterest and other websites and substituted some of the ingredients with whatever I had lying around. Please note that in most of the recipes I found, Dr Bronner’s is a must.

All Natural DIY Lavendar Foaming Face Wash

1 container (Glass jar, Travel Shampoo Bottle, empty face wash bottle – can have a pump or not, it’s up to you)

1 tablespoon Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap (I used the Lavendar one)

1 and 3/4 cup of Distilled or Filtered water (room temperature)

1-2 drops of Lavendar Essential Oil (great for sensitive skin) You can also use Geranium Oil if you are prone to oily skin, or Tea Tree Oil if you are prone to acne. Francincense, Myrrh and Neroli are great for mature skin or age spots.

1 tablespoon of Organic Jojoba Oil (Or Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil)

Make sure you add water to the container first before you add the soap, otherwise you can get a bit of a foamy mess. And you’re done! The contents will separate (um, oil and water…) and so you do have to shake before each use, which will turn the solution a creamy yellowy colour, but that is normal and to be expected. Rub it around in your hands to work up a foamy lather and just wash face as normal. Rinse, Dry, Repeat.

It’s really that easy.

My skin is oh-so-soft right now and feels clean without feeling dry and tight. And it literally costs less than a dollar for every batch that you make. Frugal and Natural – how much better can you get?

Lemon and Sugar Face Scrub

Hello Everyone!

Fall is here, again, and usually with transition seasons (Fall, Spring) one hears about detoxification and putting your body through a bit of a cleanse in order to give the liver a good thorough cleaning.

However, it’s not just the liver that is responsible for elimination of toxins in the body. There’s the lungs, which rids our body of the waste product CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), the kidneys, our mucous membranes (nose, eyes) our digestive system (of which the liver is actually a part of) and the one that many of us forget about – the SKIN.

I’m sure all of us have, at some point or another, suffered from some sort of skin condition – whether it be as stress-inducing as acne, psoriasis or eczema, or as mild as a heat rash or hives. All in all, the skin is our body’s quickest way of getting rid of certain types of toxins, and often it is our skin that shows what the condition of our inside organs are like. Our skin reflects our hormone (im)balance, toxicity levels, food allergies, topical allergies and even stress levels. To take care of one’s skin, the most important thing to do is make sure our INSIDES are healthy, not just the outside, as the condition of our external skin is a mirror of our internal environment. HOWEVER, there are some things that can help topically to keep your skin clean, refreshed, toned and dewy, without using any harsh chemicals or additives or perfumes that many of the modern cosmetics and products contain.

Being of Asian descent, my skin tends to spot very easily in the sun. I’m not talking about freckles – I get those too with prolonged exposure to the sun – but Asian skin tends to get these irregularly shaped blobs that look more like age-spots, but are in fact sun spots. And it’s not just Asian skin – sensitive skin or skin with higher amounts of pigmentation or melanin, tend to get sunspots as well. So while putting on a broad spectrum sunscreen might seem like the obvious solution, one has to be aware that not all sunscreens are created equally – and to make sure that you choose a sunscreen that isn’t just loaded with chemicals (many of which seem to be linked to cancer.)

Which brings me to my little all-natural trick for smoothing out your skin, exfoliating that surface layer and releasing those dead skin cells AND evening out the skin tone to lighten and brighten any of the damage that the summer may have brought to your sun-kissed cheeks.


1/2 Lemon – juiced into a glass jar

1/4 cup organic sugar – mixed into the lemon juice

I like to stir in enough sugar so that it doesn’t dissolve – so just beyond the point of saturation – so that it stays nice and grainy.

Rub that all over your face in gentle, circular motions – try not to scrub too hard, particularly if you have sensitive skin. The acid in the lemon juice helps to lighten pigmentation in the skin and it just seems to cleanse the hell out of blackheads and tighten pores.

Leave it on for a few minutes until it gets a bit hard and crunchy.

Rinse off with warm water (or you can towel off with a warm damp towel but sometimes I find that a bit too involved.)

I have been doing this about 1-2 a week and am noticing a huge difference in the texture of my skin (so soft) and the skin tone is evening out quite nicely. Particularly for pregnant women who seem to get dark sun spots on their skin much easier than others due to those pregnancy hormones raging about (like me!)

You can also rub the mixture all over your lips to give any dry skin the old heave-ho and say hello to nice smooth lips that won’t look cracked and scary when you apply your favourite fall colour lipstick!

Do any of you have any natural beauty tips?

Recipe Courgette Red Lentil Soup

The courgettes (zucchinis) just keep coming in as it’s the season, so I’m still trying to find different (and delicious) ways to prepare this versatile vegetable. I think because I’m pregnant and I don’t have the digestive system that I used to (as in – it takes me about 3-4 hours to digest a meal) I find that making myself easy-to-digest-and-assimilate dishes that are high in nutrients and delicious is a definite priority. Soup, even in the summer time, can be a life saver, particularly because it’s just so quick and easy.

I use red lentils in this to add a healthy protein source, and also because red lentils (corail lentils here in France) cook up so quickly – usually in less than 15 minutes, which is a huge bonus as there’s no soaking beforehand. Just pop them into the hot soup et voila! It adds such a nice chunky texture to the soup as well.


1 large courgette cut into chunks (or 2 medium sized courgettes)

2 small onions, diced

3-4 small potatoes, diced

1 tablespoon coconut oil

3/4 cup of red lentils


Vegetable or chicken stock

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper to season (optional)

In a large pot, melt the coconut oil and sautee the onions until they are no longer completely opaque.

Add the courgette chunks and the potatoes and sautee those in with the onions for a few minutes.

Add water to just cover the vegetables.

Add stock – I usually only use about 1/2 a boullion cube of the chicken stock, or about a heaping teaspoon of the Marigold vegetable stock

1 bay leaf

Bring the pot to a boil and then lower to a simmer and coer for about 35 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked through. Cool the soup down, remove the bay leaf and use a hand blender to blend the vegetables – I prefer to keep the veggies a bit chunky so I don’t puree it completely.

Add the red lentils and bring back up to a simmer for about 15 minutes, until the red lentils are cooked through.

Ladle into bowls and serve

Raw Courgette Pasta with Creamy Lemon Garlic Dressing

‘Tis the season of the courgette (or zucchini for you North American readers out there) and I have been given gorgeous, gigantic, green and yellow courgettes from neighbours, friends, yoga students and family. I have so many that they have taken up 2 shelves and a drawer in my refrigerator and I am frantically trying to find creative, easy and delicious recipes to eat these guys all up before they go bad!

I remembered this lovely raw food restaurant in East London I used to frequent with my girlfriends – not only because their cashew cheese plate was to die for as were their organic/biodynamic cocktails and wine selection, but because they always did the most amazing ‘pasta’ dishes with raw grated courgettes! So, I pulled out my grater and decided to attack one of these courgettes and give it a go.

I also remembered this creamy pasta dressing that was made of avocado, garlic and lemon zest that I had found on a website called Oh She Glows and it works well both on the raw courgette noodles and on real pasta as well.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe for this delicious, raw courgette pasta dish with creamy lemon and garlic sauce. No cooking required and it’s really really quick and delicious!


1 large courgette (or 2 small ones) grated longitudinally

1 avocado

1-2 cloves of garlic

juice of 1 small lemon plus zest

Put avocado and garlic and lemon juice into food processer and blend until creamy – you don’t want it thick like guacamole, it should be a little bit thinner than that – like a really thick pasta sauce

Throw onto courgette noodles

Top with salt, pepper and lemon zest