I have been on a bit of a Home-Made All-Natural Cleansing Product kick as of late, particularly since in my current pregnant state, I want to expose myself and the little bun in the oven to as few chemicals as humanly possible. That includes everything I bathe and moisturize with.

A friend of mine kindly lugged over from London a couple of large bottles of Dr Bronner’s Magic Hemp Soap, Lavendar scented, which I have been reading and researching about ad nauseum as a great alternative to any type of soap. Because it’s quite concentrated, only a few drops of this magical soap is needed (often diluted in some sort of carrier such as filtered/distilled water or organic oil) to tend to all of your bathing and moisturizing needs. From shampoo to baby bum cleaner, Dr Bronner’s seems to be the panacea for safe cleansing on even the most sensitive of skin, so I am grateful that I now have a few litres of this bad boy in storage.

First on my list of Homespun Beauty was a foaming face wash. I have particularly dry and sensitive skin, so I needed something that would remove make up, be chemical-free, easy to make, foam and moisturize all at once. A pretty tall order, if I do say so myself. I scouted out a few recipes that I found on Pinterest and other websites and substituted some of the ingredients with whatever I had lying around. Please note that in most of the recipes I found, Dr Bronner’s is a must.

All Natural DIY Lavendar Foaming Face Wash

1 container (Glass jar, Travel Shampoo Bottle, empty face wash bottle – can have a pump or not, it’s up to you)

1 tablespoon Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap (I used the Lavendar one)

1 and 3/4 cup of Distilled or Filtered water (room temperature)

1-2 drops of Lavendar Essential Oil (great for sensitive skin) You can also use Geranium Oil if you are prone to oily skin, or Tea Tree Oil if you are prone to acne. Francincense, Myrrh and Neroli are great for mature skin or age spots.

1 tablespoon of Organic Jojoba Oil (Or Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil)

Make sure you add water to the container first before you add the soap, otherwise you can get a bit of a foamy mess. And you’re done! The contents will separate (um, oil and water…) and so you do have to shake before each use, which will turn the solution a creamy yellowy colour, but that is normal and to be expected. Rub it around in your hands to work up a foamy lather and just wash face as normal. Rinse, Dry, Repeat.

It’s really that easy.

My skin is oh-so-soft right now and feels clean without feeling dry and tight. And it literally costs less than a dollar for every batch that you make. Frugal and Natural – how much better can you get?

All-Natural, DIY Lavendar Foaming Face Wash