So i have a little secret to tell you all.

I am not a natural Raven Haired naturopath.

Nope. I am about 30% grey.

Psssshhhhhhhh – talk about letting you all in on my secret!!

Normally I keep those silver roots to a minimum by dyeing my ¬†hair back to it’s natural colour, and I do try to use as natural a hair dye as possible, however saving time and efficiency does seem to trump being 100% natural.

Those were the days before I had another living being that was sucking all my nutrients (and therefore all my toxins as well) out of my very marrow to think about, and now that that is the case, I had to find a way that I could assuage my vanity as well as keep the toxins to a minimum.

Even though there is no real ”Proof” that dyeing one’s hair can cause damage to the fetus, it’s not something that I actually want to test out, you know what I mean Home Dog? So I decided to do a little research and find out what the True Chemical Free hairdyes out there were like and whether I was going to have to suck it up and show grey roots for the next few months or if I could deceive everyone around me for yet another few years with my supposedly raven-haired locks. (If you can call my dry, fly away, coarse Asian hair ”Locks”. There ain’t no Rapaunzel action happening on this end. Maybe more like crack-mommy hair right now…)

The answer to my research?

Henna and Blue Indigo Powder.

The great thing about these natural plant-based powders is that they condition and strengthen your hair and scalp and leave you with soft, shiny, moisturized hair. They’re also 100% natural and chemical free, so long as you purchase Real henna and indigo powder. I like It’s Pure. You can order it online very easily.

The sh*tty thing about the henna and indigo is that it’s a 2-step process for those of you with black hair, and it takes about 6 hours all in. So you’re pretty much giving up a whole day in order to keep your hair coloured and luxurious. It’s also made me realise that I will have to figure out another alternative once the babe is born because there ain’t no way that I’m going to find 6 hours to myself to dye my hair. Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Here is the 2 step process for those of you with black hair.


Take henna powder (100g for short hair, 200 g for medium length, 300-400g for long long hair) and place in a glass bowl.

Slowly stir in some apple cider vinegar (which apparently activates the powder and also conditions your hair), about 2 tablespoons per 100g, and some room temperature water until you get a paste that is the consistency of yogurt.

Make sure you are stirring this all with either a plastic or wooden utensil. Metal reacts with the henna and you don’t want any green hair action, do you?

Cover bowl with plastic wrap, air-tight, and leave in the fridge overnight. This allows it to all activate and get all ready to turn your grey roots into an orange colour. (yup – orange – patience grasshopper, you will see how it all ends soon.)


Partition your hair along the scalp into manageable chunks – this will depend on thickness of your hair, consistency, etc. Use your common sense. You pretty much want to get all your grey roots coated in this gunk.

Smear oil along your hair line, your ears – this will prevent the dye from going into your skin and allow it to be rinsed off easily.

Smear the henna paste in, nice and thick – make sure you use gloves otherwise you’ll have orange hands for the rest of your life. (no, not really – but for a good week or so, i kid you not!)

Wrap your coated head in a plastic bag good and tight – you want this to stay warm and moist for the next 4 hours. Yes – you heard me – FOUR HOURS.

Clean house, read book, organise your shelves, do whatever it takes to let the next 4 hours pass.

Rinse hair out with water – you can use a very mild shampoo if you want, don’t bother conditioning yet. Your grey hairs should be nice and bright orange. Relax – the blue indigo will turn it all black.


While hair is still a bit damp, take blue indigo powder (again, about 100g for short hair, 200g for medium, 300g for longer hair) and mix with warm water until it’s a nice yogurt consistency.

Oil on your hairline and ears, like with Henna powder application.

You must use indigo powder right away, so as soon as the paste is ready, start smearing it on your head.

Leave on for at least 2 hours.

Rinse in the shower until water runs clear. You can gently shampoo and condition your hair.

Enjoy your gorgeous black locks, no more greys!

*USE GLOVES! Blue Indigo is used to dye your Levi’s blue – it stains and it stains GOOD.

*Cover your surface that you’re working on with plastic or garbage bags – both henna and blue indigo will stain your tiles permanently!


Phew – now that I’ve shared my (time-consuming) secret with you, go forth and defy your age!

Do any of you use henna or indigo? What are your experiences? Do you have different methods/tricks to make this all go a little bit faster and save time without skimping on hair dye quality?

Henna and Blue Indigo for Chemical Free Hair Dye (For those with Black hair!)