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Home Remedies to Get Your Beard Growing

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Some men have a hard time growing a beard and OI am one of them. I guess our genetics don’t want us to grow a beard fast and look like those viking guys. But, there is something you can do about it. Something that can increase facial hair on your face. Won’t make everything grow back. But, it will help your face fill in more patches and make your beard appear to almost be complete. Try a home remedy beard medicine to grow beard faster. Like putting on shampoo to make your hair smell better and grow in spots. People in current times, have came up with things guys like us who can’t grow a beard can spread on our face. There are also vitamins you can take to make beard grow faster. Read what I learned from people who use home remedies to grow beard below.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for growing a beard and trying to fill in some patches. One of the best natural oil for beard growth. First, get you coconut oil and rosemary oil. Then, mix these two together in a bottle or jar. Most of the mix needs to be coconut oil and a little needs to be rosemary oil. 9 for 10 with the coconut oil and 1 for 10 with the rosemary oil. In other words, 90% of the mix needs to be coconut oil and other percentage rosemary. Bottle would be better because its easier to keep track of and less messy.

Plus, you can attach a spray top and small squeeze hole top to it to make the coconut oil mix easy to come out. Finish the mixture and then apply it to the face. Apply it with your fingers and spread it all around. Next, you need to let it sit on your face. Wait 15 to 20 minutes with coconut oil mix on face. Allow the face to absorb the moisture into the insides of skin. Water the hairs that are tucked away in your face. Make their hairs grow on inside and then sprout out outside on face. Do this 3 times a week and see the results. All in all, results should come in soon because your using coconut oil which is considered best natural beard oil for beard growth by many individuals.Home Remedies to Get Your Beard Growing

Put Lemon and Cinnamon On Face

Yes, Lemon and cinnamon can be used to make your sleep whiskers wake up. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard it. But, I started using lemon and cinnamon on my face for a weeks and beard hair grew. Now, you got to mix lemon and cinnamon together in a liquid mixture. Don’t put the whole lemon in there. You just need the juice. As for the cinnamon, you need the cinnamon in there and not the sticks. Take the minerals and put them in a bottle. Sounds simple to follow.

Next, you take the mixture and wipe it on face. Wipe it on the whole beard area of face. Hold it on face for 20 minutes. After, wipe it off your face with cold water and a clean towel. Make sure all of it is off by the way. Left over soap can cause your skin to become flaky and have spots of dry cracks. Face will look really beat up. Don’t let it get to that point. Altogether, lemon and cinnamon is a cheap mixture you can use on your face weekly. The best natural oil for beard growth that happens to be cheap.

Clean Face With Cold Water

Last, dose the face with cold water day and night. The more cold water you add to face the more its likely to grow whiskers on it. You could wash with cold water to increase your beard’s length too. Cold water is what the human body is use to receiving. Evolution, has expected us to rely on cold water in the wild. As a result, the cold water bonds the hair strands more and provokes hairs to grow in places they would not normally grow. You can really gain a high amount of hair growth and even growth by using cold water on face. Do not be a stranger to cold water if you want to grow more hair on beard.

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