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How Do Babies Gain Weight?

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The problem of weight gain in baby depends on many different factors, some baby gain weight fast but there are also very few baby gain weight. The first few months are very important for a baby’s development, it is a premise for the development of height and weight in baby. So for baby to gain weight effectively need to take care of baby properly, please follow the following article.

How do babies gain weight?

Weight gain in baby depends a lot on different factors, not all baby have the same weight gain. There are baby who gain weight very quickly, but there are some baby who only gain a little and in some cases do not gain weight over many months.

Usually in the first 3 months, the baby only increases from 1 to 1.5 kg / month, starting from the 3rd to the 6th month, the weight gain index decreases gradually to about 600-800g / month. Later, the baby’s weight loss will be slower and only increase from 300-400g / month.

Infants after 6 months usually gain weight more slowly or may not gain weight at this time, you are not too worried because this is normal in most babies.

Factors affecting weight gain in baby

There are many factors that affect the weight gain in baby and the most important factor is genetic factors, nutritional factors.

Normally, breast-feeding habits of baby also have a great influence on the baby’s weight gain process, normally we should let baby breastfeed according to their needs, when babies like to breastfeed, we should let them breastfeed. impose breastfeeding on this time and that hour. When babies suckle according to their needs, the weight gain happens steadily and babies gain weight faster than those who feed at the set time.

Need to observe the baby’s stool and urine, if the baby’s stool is normal, urine is nothing to worry about, we conclude that the baby is able to absorb well, so the process of weight gain takes place regularly.

How to help baby gain weight quickly as standard

In order for baby to gain weight properly, we should do some of the following:

Sleeping time of a newborn

In the first stage, baby usually sleep very long and continuously for about 16-18 hours / day, they only wake up when they are hungry and go to the toilet. The first 4 months is a period when baby gain weight quite quickly thanks to their sleep.

Usually it is the 4th month at this time that the baby has a lot of changes, the baby starts to sleep less, at this time the weight gain of the baby is also very slow so we have to ensure the baby’s sleep, so they should get enough sleep, no It is imposed on baby to sleep less and less to sleep well at night, but let the baby’s development process take place naturally.

The older the baby sleeps, the less it will be, but make sure the baby gets enough sleep, on time, and in the evening do not keep the baby awake too late because sleep late makes the baby’s weight gain process slower.How Do Babies Gain Weight

Breastfeed your baby properly

In the first 6 months, the main source of food for babies is breast milk, some babies have formula milk, so moms need to breastfeed whenever babies need to breastfeed. , hours and a few minutes of sucking, everything just let go naturally. Usually at this stage, the baby feeds continuously every 2 to 2 hours.

Often the source of nutrition in breast milk is not the same for every mother, because it depends on the mother’s daily diet, if the mother does not eat enough nutrients, the milk will not ensure nutrition for baby, making them slow major, malnutrition.

Give babies solid food properly

In the period from 6 months onwards, baby should be supplemented with other foods for weaning babies, they need to be weaned properly to ensure that the height and weight development process takes place regularly and properly.

Should provide adequate nutrition for baby by feeding baby at first eat flour, congee porridge, then eat more vegetables, fruits and fish to ensure the baby’s development is better. .

encourage baby to be active

The more exercise helps the baby to digest better, absorb the food better, resulting in a better weight gain process.

Thus, the above article has summarized the knowledge about weight gain in baby, hoping to help mothers have more knowledge to care for baby.

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