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How Does a Massage Help Relieve Stress?

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After a long day of busy work and pressure, you should spend some of your time massaging the whole body to reduce stress fatigue for the body. And with just a few steps as simple instructions below, will bring you refreshing moments after the tired working hours. 

Benefits of full body massage 

Before coming to the body massage methods to reduce stress, let’s take a minute to explore the benefits of full body massage will bring offline:

Body massage has a strong impact on the muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments and psychology, you will be surprised at the physical and psychological benefits that full body massage will bring to you.

Full body massage has been shown by scientists to provide valuable health benefits such as: support for the treatment of bone, joint, muscle diseases, slimming, stress reduction and improving the condition of the body. blood pressure, blood circulation and skin in the body. 

Body massage is considered as a medicine to quickly relieve pain of tight muscles, joints after excessive physical exercise or sports injuries, sitting incorrectly …

Body massage helps increase blood circulation, helps eliminate toxins easily and better control blood pressure.

Help your mind to relax more relaxed and also help your body be healthier.

A full body massage can reduce stress for everyone, it helps support and reduce symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression and help sleep sound sleep.

Regular massage can also help boost the immune system in your body.

Body massage also helps your digestive system work better.

Helps to eliminate dead cells on the body, improve the skin, provide moisture to the skin, regenerate tissue, reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks … are the skin benefits that full body massage brings . 

Ways of body massage 

Body massage methods do not require a specific method, so you can easily choose the best massage method by selecting and following the instructions below. 

Before performing the massage, please choose a suitable lying position to massage the whole body. You should choose a place that you are comfortable with, preferably places with soft light, you can lie on the bed, on the floor or a massage mat to make you feel most comfortable.

The temperature at that place should not be too hot or too cold because the body will reduce the temperature during a full body massage. Therefore, you should perform a full body massage on a hard surface, focusing on the neck, shoulders and back areas. And now, let’s get started with the exercise:

Start massaging gently

First, you should start with simple gentle massage movements, moving from shoulder to waist and back. In addition, you also need to apply different forces to parts of your body, such as applying strong force to the back and legs but using lighter forces for areas like hands, neck and abdomen … 

Use the whole palm

During the massage, you should use the whole palm to perform movements.

These movements will help improve the circulatory system of blood in the body. Note that your hands should be parallel and smooth with the muscles facing upwards to help prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Massage the body evenly

Start massaging from back and then gradually down to areas like legs, arms and neck. Massage for longer on the shoulders and neck as these are the two areas most likely to get tired. When massaging these areas, you can apply acupressure techniques, gently pressing on a specific spot. And in areas prone to pain such as biceps, abdomen, chest, you should use your thumb to perform movements.

Do not massage the spine

Absolutely not massage the spine in all cases. If you are massaging in this area, move along long muscle fibers.

Put your hands on your feet

First, place your arms on your lower legs, the other hand hold your arms and then pull upwards, repeat this movement for 3 times. It is advisable to apply a lighter force to the arms and legs to avoid damaging the skin tissue.

As for the sores on the body if you want to exert more force, then you use your finger to press on those areas and hold for about 10 seconds.

Using the thumb will work better but be careful not to press too hard as this will cause further damage. In addition, this massage is also very suitable for the foot area.

Foot massage

You tilt the soles of the feet and then use your hand to rotate slightly to find the sexy and sexy vent at the bottom of the soles. Then, slowly press the finger into those two points and release gently. Perform this movement 4 to 5 times. This massage will help you sleep better and deeper.

Arm massage

First, use five fingertips to swipe from the shoulder to the wrist so that the tip of the finger does not touch the bone. Perform this exercise 3 to 4 times, it will help relax the wrist, especially those who use a lot of computers.

Hand massage

You lift your palms and use your thumb to press hard from the wrist to gradually pull up each fingertip. Next, put your palms on your palms, use your fingertips to press firmly on the lower wrists, then pull hard on the fingertips, then hold your fingers tight and release gently. Perform 3 to 4 times. This massage helps blood flow more evenly.

Shoulder massage

Sit upright and use your fingertips of your middle finger, thread backwards, against the back of your neck. Then use two fingers to press firmly and rotate gently. Then gently pull both hands to the shoulders. Perform about 4 to 5 times. Doing this will help relax the shoulder muscles, reducing muscle stiffness.

Neck massage

This will help relax neck muscles and relieve fatigue. First, sit up straight and use your right hand to rest your chin, your left hand to hold your right elbow. Then use your right hand to push your chin to the left and then to the side. Perform about 4 times.

Head massage

Use your two middle fingers and turn slightly to find the point at the end of your eyebrow. Then use two fingers to gently stretch toward the temple and force the temples. Perform about 3 times. Helping to relax nerves and reduce stress is what this massage brings.

Face massage

When the face massage should be done slowly, rhythmically and should not cause pain. First, move in the direction of the muscle fibers then rub the skin, squeeze gently and press on the face bone. Then tap or move from the bottom up with your fingertips. This will help soothe the skin.

After you have completed the above body massages, you should rub all over your body again within 1 to 3 minutes to soothe areas that exert more force.

Don’t forget to apply these simple body massages to relieve stress everyday!

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