It Gets Better

Posted November 9th, 2010 in Homosexuality, It Gets Better, LGBT, Love by Hannah Yang

The recent media attention in the USA surrounding the suicides of young gay boys who were being bullied about their homosexuality has made me feel as though I should at least take the time to write about something that affects all of us in every part of the world, not just in North America.

Being a self-proclaimed Fruit Fly (sounds much better than Fag Hag…I am NO Hag, ladies and gentlemen..) it angers me that I have to write this.  But more than the rage, the dominant emotion I feel is sadness.  Sad that in this day and age, people still have a problem with someone else’s sexuality.  Sad that it has taken several tragic deaths in order for this to galvanize a semi-global movement for equality.  Sad that this has been cited as a ‘recent pattern’ amongst Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered youth when in fact, statistics show that the rates of suicide amongst the LGBT community has Always been like this.  Sad that people’s children are bullying other people’s children to suicidal limits.  Sad that these children were not born with this sort of hatred towards LGBT individuals, but that they were Taught this intolerance in their own homes by their parents.  Children being Taught to Hate other children.

On the other hand, it’s encouraging to see how well the It Gets Better Project is being received.  Obama’s speech, although a bit flat and lacking the passion that I feel is needed by an issue as contentious as this one, came from a very good place – a place of tolerance, acceptance and Love.  And on some small scale, I hope that by writing my opinion, by showing my support of individuality, strength and Universal Love, this message will continue to be perpetuated.  To all my Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters, thank you for inspiring me to live and love with fearlessness and with honesty.  And for having excellent fashion sense and a superhero tolerance for vodka martinis (extra olives…we like them D.I.R.T.Y).

Love.   A simple, universal emotion made intensely complicated by the stereotypical images we have attached so rigidly to that word.  A concept that excludes no one – everyone has been a giver and receiver of it, fallen victim to it’s thorns when denied it, been addicted to it, rejected it, praised it and scorned it and everyone undeniably Needs it.  For something that has no limits, no bounds, can never be drained to extinction, it is most definitely treated as though it is a nonrenewable resource, especially nowadays.  To be in the LGBT community is to have to be brave in order to Love.  To LOVE someone else.  And to be intolerant to the LGBT community is to say that you do not support Love in all it’s forms. In a world where true compassion and love is severely lacking between human beings, how dare we have the audacity to pick and choose what we deem to be the ‘’right type of Love.’’

I believe the late, great Bob Marley said it best.