This Too Shall Pass

Posted September 14th, 2010 in meditation by Hannah Yang

Feeling slightly depressed at the moment. Not quite sure what is bringing on this feeling of emotional malaise. Everything in my life is amazing. I have an unbelievably sexy husband who lives life with the kind of fearlessness that makes me believe that everything will always be all right, I live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, I am surrounded by kind-hearted and interesting friends and I would say that I am fortunate enough to laugh on an hourly basis. The Full Moon is not for another few days, so I know it’s a bit too early for me to be feeling the pre-menstrual blah’s. Perhaps it’s not about looking for a reason for why someone as privileged as I am should not (or is not allowed to) be feeling this way. Perhaps it’s just about accepting that sometimes, you can have one of those days, and that’s okay. I find that way too many of us are avoidant of our bad emotions and more than happy to find the next quick fix to the good ones, no matter how temporary (and they are always temporary) they can be. Which often leads to unhealthy patterns of seeking instant gratification, whether it be retail therapy or a martini. The most valuable lesson I learned while I was traveling through India in 2008 was that everything is temporary. It was during a Vipassana meditation course that I embarked upon in Dharamsala – ten days of complete silence (if you don’t count the screaming voice in your head desperately looking for ways to either drive you insane or get yourself out of the prison grounds) and meditation and self-reflection. And everyday I was reminded in every evening lesson that all things come to pass. At first I found those words irritating, like being told ‘’I told you so’’ by someone who always seems to know better.

But WHEN is the pain in my leg from sitting in the same position for the past 4 hours going to pass? And when am I going to get over the anger I feel towards my past relationships, past decisions, past past past past…

anichaaaa anichaaa… all things are temporary…


And now, here I am, 2 years later – in an emotional place worlds away from where I started when I first moved to London. And the one thing that got me through was knowing and believing that This Would Pass.

So, I guess tomorrow will be a new day. And if I’m in a better mood, then great – and if not, that’s okay, because it won’t last forever. It can’t rain all the time. In the meantime… chocolate.