Posted August 12th, 2010 in Organic by Hannah Yang

Today is Day Two of my vacation in France with my gorgeous husband and what is the first thing that I do after a luxurious lie in? I log into my blog and start typing. I guess the fresh air and biodynamic food (and, erm, wine) has not done much to melt away the London pace from my weary bones, but I do not think I will need much coaxing away from my laptop over the next few weeks. I have found out that we are going to be visiting his parents (I must preface any reference to his parents with this fact – they are Absolutely lovely) for a couple of days in their house in the woods for some dinner and wine. His parents’ English vocabulary consists of ‘’hello’’ and ‘’thank you.’’ My French lexicon is pretty much limited to food, wine, bodily functions and swear words. Did I mention that we are going to be in the middle of the woods, far away from civilization (and escape)? I did, however, bring this upon myself. I boldly told my husband a few days before our month long escape to France that while we are in France, we are to speak nothing but French. Ha! Only a day into my vacation and I’m being thrown into the deep end. Français Lesson avec Les Parents-in-Law. I’ll keep you posted.

The silver lining in this will be his father’s impeccable taste in French Biodynamic wine. Ah wine… the Elixir of Life, Liquid Courage and whatever other titles of invincibility it has been bestowed with. I lose any and all inhibition when attempting to speak my horrible French when I drink wine and I will inevitably ramble on and on in broken French while inwardly congratulating myself for being so clever and already bilingual only two days into my vacation in France. And the beauty of the Biodynamic part of it all? No Hangovers. For Serious.

So… what is the difference between Organic and Biodynamic? Well, from the reading that I have been doing, it seems that Biodynamic Agriculture has predated Organic methods by a few decades and is much more stringent in its rules and regulations in terms of maintaining soil integrity without chemicals, encouraging a completely self-sustainable/self-contained ecosystem balancing harvesting and growth with processes such as crop rotation, specific fermentation in their manure to act as fertilizer and harvesting in accordance to the Lunar cycle. The term ‘’Organic’’ was coined by J I Rodale and it is more of an Americanized term whereas Biodynamic farming was based on Rudolf Steiner’s approach to the farm and the earth’s relationship and thus it is much more popular in Europe. What do I think? Regardless of whether something has been labeled Organic or Biodynamic, make sure that it’s up to a standard that is regulated is a great site that helps you to understand labels and regulation. is another good resource. At the end of the day, the food industry is one that thrives on making money and labeling is under policed (or self-policed) and not necessarily to be trusted at first glance. For more eye-opening facts, watch Food Inc. and be thoroughly appalled. Pour yourself a large glass of biodynamic wine while watching it – you’ll need it.

Organic vs. Biodynamic