Home Remedies to Get Your Beard Growing

Some men have a hard time growing a beard and OI am one of them. I guess our genetics don’t want us to grow a beard fast and look like those viking guys. But, there is something you can do about it. Something that can increase facial hair on your face. Won’t make everything grow back. But, it will help your face fill in more patches and make your beard appear to almost be complete. Try a home remedy beard medicine to grow beard faster. Like putting on shampoo to make your hair smell better and grow in spots. People in current times, have came up with things guys like us who can’t grow a beard can spread on our face. There are also vitamins you can take to make beard grow faster. Read what I learned from people who use home remedies to grow beard below.

best natural oil for beard growth

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for growing a beard and trying to fill in some patches. One of the best natural oil for beard growth. First, get you coconut oil and rosemary oil. Then, mix these two together in a bottle or jar. Most of the mix needs to be coconut oil and a little needs to be rosemary oil. 9 for 10 with the coconut oil and 1 for 10 with the rosemary oil. In other words, 90% of the mix needs to be coconut oil and other percentage rosemary. Bottle would be better because its easier to keep track of and less messy. Plus, you can attach a spray top and small squeeze hole top to it to make the coconut oil mix easy to come out. Finish the mixture and then apply it to the face. Apply it with your fingers and spread it all around. Next, you need to let it sit on your face. Wait 15 to 20 minutes with coconut oil mix on face. Allow the face to absorb the moisture into the insides of skin. Water the hairs that are tucked away in your face. Make their hairs grow on inside and then sprout out outside on face. Do this 3 times a week and see the results. All in all, results should come in soon because your using coconut oil which is considered best natural beard oil for beard growth by many individuals.

Put Lemon and Cinnamon On Face

Yes, Lemon and cinnamon can be used to make your sleep whiskers wake up. I didn’t believe it either when I first heard it. But, I started using lemon and cinnamon on my face for a weeks and beard hair grew. Now, you got to mix lemon and cinnamon together in a liquid mixture. Don’t put the whole lemon in there. You just need the juice. As for the cinnamon, you need the cinnamon in there and not the sticks. Take the minerals and put them in a bottle. Sounds simple to follow. Next, you take the mixture and wipe it on face. Wipe it on the whole beard area of face. Hold it on face for 20 minutes. After, wipe it off your face with cold water and a clean towel. Make sure all of it is off by the way. Left over soap can cause your skin to become flaky and have spots of dry cracks. Face will look really beat up. Don’t let it get to that point. Altogether, lemon and cinnamon is a cheap mixture you can use on your face weekly. The best natural oil for beard growth that happens to be cheap.

Clean Face With Cold Water

Last, dose the face with cold water day and night. The more cold water you add to face the more its likely to grow whiskers on it. You could wash with cold water to increase your beard’s length too. Cold water is what the human body is use to receiving. Evolution, has expected us to rely on cold water in the wild. As a result, the cold water bonds the hair strands more and provokes hairs to grow in places they would not normally grow. You can really gain a high amount of hair growth and even growth by using cold water on face. Do not be a stranger to cold water if you want to grow more hair on beard.

Tips to Make Beard Grow Super Fast

Beards are connected to man’s manliness in the world. They show other men and women that they can handle the harshest of tough days. They show people they are wise and know how to deal with situations that require intelligence. People assume men with beards are smart in books as well. Having a beard shows people that you know a lot about books and have an understanding that makes other people hold back in shock. They say the longer your beard grows the more you know how to do. All these assumptions, makes it easier for why some men want to grow a beard. They use the best beard oil for beard growth and any other beard caring products. Wanting to have the assumptions it brings real bad. Have people see them in a light that gets the most respect. Personally, I could care less about my looks but it does feel good to have a beard. I know some things that can help your beard grow a little. I’m not going to stop you from achieving your beard goal. I’m going to help you along the way. View what is written below.

Take a Shower With Warm Water

Warm water helps beards grow well. Every time you go to the shower, turn the knob to the warm water direction. I know it feels a little uncomfortable to wash yourself in warm water. Especially, during the winter months. I suggest doing this in the summer. Despite, you should wash your beard in warm water to increase its hair growth. Want to know why you need to do it? Some men can not grow a beard because their skin drys out too fast. I am not talking about he outside. I am talking about the inside where the dormant hairs lay. The part where they need water to stay in the inside skin layer so they can grow longer and eventually pop out the face surface. Some hairs will scientifically grow out on your face if you use warm water. You might not want to but warm water is not that bad. You got to change the way you look at things sometimes. I mean water is just water. It doesn’t matter if it feels good. It matters if it works at its best so you can look its best. In any event, a man who wants a better beard must sacrifice comfort and take warm showers to encourage beard growth.

Apply Beard Oil to Beard

best beard oil for beard growth

Always, use beard oils if you can afford it. Beard oils are for washing the roots of your beard. The best natural oil for beard growth adds better performance. Once your beard gets really long, it becomes hard for you to wash the beard from the roots with a little regular soap. That’s where the beard oil comes in to wash the beard oil deep in the root strands. It goes in deeper than any shampoo you use for your hair. The beard hair is not built like hair on your head. Facial hair is very fickle and wants to do things its own way. Doesn’t like to let new chemicals in fast either and prefers to release most of the soaps coming into it. Beard oil forces the beard to accept the new cleaning guest to help the beard stay balance, soft, and healthy looking. Create a new look for you with beard oil that wants to help you get there from the deep ends of your beard.

Reduce Your Life Stress

Stress is something you got to take control of when you can. You should take control of it every day, but some days can not be helped. It makes sense to spiral out of control some days. The words or pain is just too much. But, for the most part, please keep your mind controlled man. Reduce all the thoughts that give you sadness. Yes, your not a kid anymore and you can’t finish things not work related like you use too. But, the thoughts don’t matter all the time. Just like the truth don’t matter all the time. Sometimes, you need to not think about things because that is just as important as thinking. Try doing this for a couple months and reduce the stress you feel fay to day. Your not dead yet and you have time if you take your time. Relax and help your mind to help your beard.

Botanical and Herbal Medicine

Botanical Medicine is the use of plant parts (roots, stems, fruit, seeds and leaves) to help support the body’s physiological functions in the healing process. Plant medicines come in various forms, such as pills, teas, creams and tinctures. They are an effective and gentle way to treat many conditions from pain management to hormonal imbalances to skin conditions. Because many prescription medicines are actually synthetic forms of compounds naturally occurring in nature, there is the risk of botanical medicines reacting quite adversely with prescription drugs. Therefore it is very important to get professional advice from a practitioner who is trained in the science of botanical medicines to ensure safe and effective results from the plants.


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the surface of the body, influencing the physiological functioning of the body.  It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, however from a Western perspective, it is thought to enhance the body’s ability to heal by releasing Enkephalins (pain killing substances) and Endorphins (mood elevating substances) and stimulating the immune system.  Acupuncture is especially effective for pain-related conditions such as headaches, PMS symptoms, joint or musculoskeletal pain, and athletic injuries.  It is most effective in combination with Eastern Herbal Combinations – the right one will be discussed with the Naturopath.

There is an initial appointment of 1.5 hours to take your full medical history, and each subsequent acupuncture treatment is about 30 minutes in length.

Emotional Detox

Posted September 12th, 2011 in Detoxification, Featured, Naturopathy by Hannah Yang

There’s something very melancholic and wistful about the changing of seasons – especially from summer to autumn, when everything just starts to….well….die.  With Spring  there is the earthy, mossy scented scattering of rain-showers, bringing with it the first green buds of life. The breeze comes calling with a little more warmth, promising sunshine and, to many hot-blooded heterosexual males out there, short skirts skimming the tops of lean (albeit pale) thighs.  But with autumn, the mood is more sombre.  The fresh scents of summer flowers, fresh-cut grass and grilling meat on charcoal bbq’s become muted by the northern winds that always seem to give a slightly frosty, metallic tinge to the nose.  The leaves that once created a green ceiling over streets and boulevards have now been converted to a multi-coloured carpet.  Now, I love the fall, in spite of the slightly depressing tone that comes with it.  Fall fashion always brings a smile to my face – the mixture of textures, colours that glow like embers, layering wools with silks, knee socks, open-toed booties, bright scarves….Autumn cooking is also a seasonal delight, with the apple pies and crumbles, pumpkin soups and muffins, butternut squash, root vegetables, slow-simmering meats in pressure cookers – ha!  Even the foodfare is dressed in fall fashion colours!  But I think what is probably most significant in a Naturopath’s world is that transition seasons call for Detoxification!  It is during this time that your body naturally starts to prepare for winter’s long haul of hibernation – it is during this time that it is best (both in eastern and western philosophies) to allow your body this chance to do a little bit of intercellular cleaning and give yourself a break from all of the things that summer patios and all-inclusive vacations do so well.  Fall is Detox Season.

Now it would be irresponsible of me to publish a detoxification programme on my blog for everyone to follow as each individual has unique needs, and detoxifications should not be taken lightly.  It isn’t about starving yourself in order to lose the beer belly – it’s about respecting your body’s organ systems and allowing them a temporary vacation from the excesses of the summer and being mindful of what you put (or not put) into it.  Not only is it about a clean diet in order to help clean out your digestive organs, but it’s about aiding the other organ systems to help flush out the toxins.  From your lungs to your kidneys, to your skin to your soul – these are ALL going to get rid of their shit.  Yes…even your soul, which brings me to the point of this here blog entry.  Beware the emotional detoxification that may occur during the physical detox.

Baggage.  We all have it.  We all deal with some of it, ignore others – some of us successfully shed a few pieces of luggage only to collect a couple of other key pieces.  It’s a constant battle to try to either dump it out so that you never have to carry it around again, or to hide it so that nobody else (including yourself) will see how absolutely f&*ked up you truly are, but no matter what your method of compensation, all your shit eventually comes to the surface.  Especially during a detox.  So be prepared for that really special side of yourself that seems to only make an appearance during Christmas dinners and family vacations, because I can almost guarantee that it will be triggered to come out again.  And when it does, acknowledge it.  Be present with the anger, the hurt, the pain, the fear.  Understand that it comes from a place of wanting to protect yourself.  But then try to let it go.  Much easier said than done.  I know.  TRUST ME, I know.  Six months of meditating in various ashrams in India, a divorce, a start-over in a new country, eloping, another start-over professionally, avoiding, crying, praying, yoga-ing, journaling, blogging, raging against anyone who tries to tell me what to do and I’m STILL dealing with the same.old.shit.  During that time I have found solace in running away, writing, wine, marijuana, music and a few relationships, both toxic and nurturing (friends, family and lovers) some of which i’ve let go of, some of which i’m still clinging to.  But it’s a process – a lifelong one – one that will require more than a few more years of all of the above.  But if you take care of your body, it makes it easier to take care of your mind.  Detoxify.  Breathe. Then rinse.  And repeat.

PMT Werewolf

Posted July 29th, 2011 in Featured, Female Health, Female and Hormone Balancing, Gynecology, Uncategorized by Hannah Yang

One of my favourite terms that I have borrowed from a good girlfriend of mine is ‘’white wine werewolf’’.  You know…when you take advantage of one of the 12 sunny days that we have here on this island by scrambling as quickly as you can, after work, towards the nearest patio that is not absolutely heaving with other like-minded sun-starved vitamin D3 deprived humans, order a bottle of chilled white chardonnay and promptly guzzle the whole thing down with the help of one other girlfriend?  On an empty stomach?  And suddenly you are transformed from this intelligent, witty, normally quite kind and generous human being into a snarling, bitchy, dramatic, sometimes weepy monster who ends up either drunk-dialing an ex-boyfriend or picking a fight with your current partner?  Yup – you’ve got it – you’ve turned into the White Wine Werewolf.

I find that this werewolf rears it’s ugly hide about 3 days before my period.  Which, funnily enough, normally falls on the New Moon.  It’s often after a particularly dramatic row with my husband that I gather enough wherewithal to check on google to see where exactly we are in the lunar cycle.  It is amidst the flying plates and drifting innards of an expensive cushion that I momentarily grasp onto the shreds of my sanity and think to myself ‘’oh shitballs – am I getting my period?’’  And sure enough, it is either a few days before or on the night of the New Moon.

One thing I always say to my nutrition students is to never ignore the intense feeling, no matter how off the wall or out of character they seem, that bubbles up in the days preceding your menstrual flow.  According to many specialists in the field of female health, your menstrual time is your most intuitive – when you are most open to the universe and to your true feelings.  But with great power comes great responsibility: These feelings need to be explored honestly, with the intention of wanting to understand and grow, analyzed with a clear and non-judgmental heart.  Hopefully not through the lens of a bottle of pinot grigio.

Tonight is the New Moon.  And, yup, you guessed it ladies and gents – I have shamefully tucked the hairy wolf tail between my legs and realised that I have eaten the poor innocent heart, pride and soul of someone close to me.  To my latest victim, you know who you are – it isn’t you, it’s me.  Really.  And everything that I said in the heat of my lunar-soaked craze?   There probably is some truth to it.  There always is.  But it should have been delivered with love, not with the blind rage of a hungry caged animal.  Always know that the more painful my bite, the deeper the vulnerability.  And this animal hates being vulnerable.  But I will try to address the obvious hormone-induced anger that I have in my heart and focus that fire into something positive.  Like Biodynamic wine.

Lifestyle Counseling

With every nutritional regime, homeopathic consultation, acupuncture session or botanical prescription, external factors on your health such as your lifestyle, occupation, family, relationships and other stressors play a very large role in your quest for wellness.  Naturopaths take this into account, as it is these external lifestyle factors that make you an individual, unique from every other client.  Wholistic health is not solely about what you eat – it is also about how you live, how you love yourself and others, how you deal with stress… your lifestyle has a direct and paramount impact on your health.  We are here to help you achieve health and wellness through body, mind and soul.


Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in the late 1700′s.  This form of medicine is based on the theory that “Like Cures Like” which basically means that if a substance in nature can create a set of symptoms (ie. cramping) then making a homeopathic preparation of that particular substance can then cure that set of symptoms (ie. cramps due to menstruation).  Homeopathy uses highly diluted forms of these natural substances (plant, animal or mineral) and stimulates the body in order to heal itself.  It is extremely safe and can be used on babies, animals, the elderly and in conjunction with other treatments.  Can be prescribed on an acute or as-needed basis, or if the client wishes for an in-depth homeopathic assessment for any specific conditions where they opt for homeopathy to be the only form of treatment, a homeopathic intake is 1.5 hours for an initial appointment and 45 minutes for every follow up.

Clinical Nutrition

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to effectively assess, diagnose and treat any conditions that patients may have that require altered or specialized diets (ie Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Celiacs, Crohns and Colitis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension) or to individualize a well-balanced diet for health and weight loss. Clinical Nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health and in addition to specialized diets, nutritional supplements may also be recommended.

Selling Out or Selling Up?

Posted January 10th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Hannah Yang

The Jig is up.  I have been grappling with the idea of either becoming a member of the ‘’stable job’’ community and accepting this full time position at this Wellness Centre that is scheduled to launch in April 2011 in central London, or staying with my own burgeoning (albeit small – boutique, let’s call it) clinic which is, like many start-ups, not as stable.  I am sure that many of you have been in this position before, whether it has been in the form of a career change or relationship break up – where one now has to decide which path to take?  When you are at the proverbial Fork In the Road, how simple is it really to listen to one’s gut and know, like Really Know in the ‘’my heart is telling me that this is the way because I had a dream last night and I woke up just knowing’’ way of knowing and make the right decision for you at that point in your life?

It’s not that simple.  In fact, it’s never really that simple.  I do agree that one does have to pay attention to their heart and their gut, the two largest emotional centres of the body, but one also has to create the appropriate connection between them and the head.  And I feel that for the majority, it’s either over-thinking and making a decision based on what they feel is logical and is expected of them (the head) or they jump in eyes wide shut without any thought to the consequences (the heart – Me).  The highway between those extremes is often closed to traffic and a decision is made that causes a pattern to be repeated in one’s life – either through being too cautious and worrying about how one will look to other people, or not being thoughtful enough and needing someone to bail you out when the fit hits the shan (again…me).  Either way, you end up unhappy.

So that was my conundrum – accept this job and give up everything that I had worked so hard to obtain on my own terms, or turn it down and continue to see where things go as they are?  Opportunity versus Freedom?  But is the stable job really forcing me to give up my independence or would it actually provide me with more options in the end?  Is working for myself really as liberating as I made it out to be given that my salary could be amazing one month and panic inducing the next?   Is this a test to see how devoted I was to my clinic or is this the Universe’s way of letting me know that my hard work had paid off and I am now being recognized for it?

Well, dear Readers and Clients, here it is.  I have accepted the job and I am choosing to see it as an amazing opportunity.  I have listened to both my head and my heart and after 8 lists of pros and cons and several conversations with each and every single one of my confidantes and respected colleagues, a month of sleepless nights and a renewed passion for journal-writing, I am going to be embarking on a new and exciting journey.  My own clinic will be put on hold indefinitely starting February 1st 2011, but I will be transferring my current clients, if they choose to stay with me, to my new location in Trafalgar Square starting April 2011.

Will keep you updated with details as they arise.

Happy New Year, everyone.