What is Naturopathy?


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Naturopathic Medicine is what I consider to be a no-nonsense guide to achieving and maintaining your optimal health and vitality. And guess what? It’s ALSO based on science! So no, I am not a wand-wielding hippie quack who reads your health plan through the stars. Naturopathy is about understanding that the human body is a complex living, breathing biological machine that requires a lot of TLC in order to keep functioning at a level that we all expect from ourselves. Without proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air, clean water and happiness (yes – laughter is amazing medicine) we can yo-yo diet and pop the new expensive Brazilian superfood until we are blue in the face but it will not bring us any closer to being our healthiest unless we treat our bodies with the Holistic respect that it needs and deserves. Naturopathy is about prevention, about paying attention to our symptoms, to not accepting that feeling ”less than 100%” is how it has always been and therefore normal, and most importantly in trusting our bodies with their amazing ability to heal.

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

First, Do No Harm – Kind of Self-Explanatory. Naturopathy is about choosing the least invasive method that will work for you first, and then exhausting that, exploring other options.

Find The Root Cause of Disease – Modern medicine is all about treating the symptoms, which are, at best, Band-aid solutions. What is the point of suppressing migraine pain with codeine without figuring out what is causing those migraines in the first place? Sure, it brings relief, but Naturopathy is about managing the symptom (migraine pain) as well as finding the root cause (whatever is causing the migraines, whether it be hormone imbalance or food allergies) so that you never get migraines again!

Teach the Principles of Healthy Living and Preventative Medicine – This is all about empowerment. My job as a Naturopath is not to tell you how to get better. It is to teach you so that you can take control of your body, your health, your LIFE and not have to depend on anything other than yourself. This philosophy is a far cry from the traditional Doctor-Patient relationship where the Doctor gives orders, the patient (pretends to) follow orders. There is no empowerment for the patient there. The patient does not learn to take responsibility for their health. Naturopathy places your health in your hands.

Heal the Whole Person through Individualized Treatment – One thing that drives me crazy about today’s approach to health is the ”One Pill Fits All” mentality. I agree that there are many medical advances that have positively impacted the health of the world a million times over. Antibiotics, when used properly, are pretty Bad-Ass! But we are all individuals with individual needs and the fact that one of the highest causes of death in the Western World is the proper use of prescription drugs just goes to show that one pill definitely does not fit all. We need to understand that everyone will respond and react differently to medications, foods, supplements, intensity of exercise, stress….My job as a Naturopath is to make sure that You, the Individual, are receiving the type of care that You and Your Body will respond positively to.

Emphasize Prevention – Who wants Cancer? I don’t. ‘Nuff Said.

Support the Healing Powers of the Body – Look, I am not knocking conventional medicine. That sh&t works….to an extent. You know what works better? Our bodies. We need to learn to trust that our bodies have this innate ability to heal. Our bodies WANT to be healthy and happy. That’s why they kick up such a fuss when we eat something we’re allergic to, or expose ourselves to toxins. Those symptoms, those reactions – they are our bodies way of telling us to stop, or that something is wrong, and to try to reverse the process and heal. Our bodies are very intelligent – we just have to start getting out of our heads and into our bodies and trust them. Of course sometimes we need a boost – whether it be conventional or natural medicine, herbs, a vacation, a better diet, in extreme cases a surgical procedure. But we should be looking at working with our bodies not against them. My job is to show you how!